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Mary-Kate and Ashley

Fans of the Olsens

fans of mary-kate and ashley
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Welcome to mkafans.

This is THE place at greatestjournal for Mary-Kate and Ashley fans to discuss the latest gossip, share pictures and graphics, post quizzes and polls, request icons/graphics, post opinions, ask questions... and anything else that deals with the twins.

Anyone who is a fan of the Olsen twins is welcome to join, but please comply with the following rules:

1. Be respectful to all members of the community. Insulting members is not acceptable.

2. If you do NOT like Mary-Kate and/or Ashley, do not post here, or bother to join this community. This is a place that is strictly for FANS of the twins!

3. Keep posts relevant- talking about what you did at school today is not what we want to read about here!

4. Put large/numerous pictures behind an LJ-CUT. If you do not know how to lj-cut, go here.

5. Please do not advertise your community here unless you get approval from a mod. PM or comment on a mods personal journal to get permission to do this!

6. Do not make more than one graphics/icon post a day, and DO NOT post icons/graphics that you did not personally make! Icon crediting rules are also expected to be followed.

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